Which are the Most Accurate Body Fat Analyzers

When trying to lose weight, a body fat analyzer is of great help as it measures your body parameters and shows you exactly how much fat you have lost and how much muscle mass you have built. However, the efficiency of these weight control devices depends on the accuracy of their data because not every analyzer works the same as another and they have different means of measuring your weight. The models presented below are the most accurate body fat analyzers that can help you lose weight the smart way.
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Withings WS-50 Smart Body Fat Analyzer

This is the most precise body fat monitor that uses position control to detect even your heart rate the moment you step on the scale. It automatically uploads the measurements taken via a WiFi connection and sends them to your smartphone so you can check up on your progress. The scale interface helps you achieve the best position on the scale that will deliver the most accurate measurements. This device also monitors the quality of the indoor air and enables you to control you daily calories intake so you will manage to adjust your diet. At $149, this body fat analyzer is a great deal.
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EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Analyzer

Another great option is this slim device that shows percentages of your body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass in order to offer you accurate information regarding your overall body weight. The Automatic User Identification lets you store personal data that will only be displayed after the scale recognizes you. It can memorize up to 8 users so the entire family can adapt this body fat monitor to their needs. As soon as you step on it, the sale will start to display your measurements on the large 3.5” backlit LCD display. The EatSmart only costs $45 and is one great unit.
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Omron Body Composition Monitor

At $89, this body fat analyzer measures 7 different body parameters including body fat, MBI, visceral fat, body age, skeletal muscle, and more. It uses bioelectrical impedance to deliver the most accurate information that is then shown on the easy-to-read digital screen. It can memorize up to 90 days of weight loss progress for 4 different users.
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Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

This innovative smart scale can accurately measure your body fat percentage and the body mass index and will upload your data to its official website where you can see your progress. It can recognize up to 8 users and each of them will enjoy the same precision and increased privacy as each profile is protected by a personal password so users can control how much information they want to share. Fitbit Aria costs around $100 depending on the discounts it enjoys.