Things to Look for in a Treadmill

Using a treadmill offers you plenty of health benefits and for that, you need to buy a really good model that will include everything you need. It must be solid, comfortable to use, efficient in providing you a great place for running and very practical. To help you find exactly what you need, we have chosen some of the things to look for in a treadmill and we share it with you.


When choosing a treadmill, you must make sure it’s a strong a durable one that will not become a safety hazard while you run on it. It’s very important to be able to use the treadmill in safe conditions so it won’t harm you in any way. The safety aspects involve construction and operating details that contribute to the proper functioning of the treadmill.
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  • A solid and durable frame is a sign of quality and reliability in a treadmill. When you check the treadmill, see how well the frame is welded, how thick and stable it is and how it responds to maneuvering. It should not seem shaky when you install it and it should handle your body weight.
  • The wiring of an electric treadmill must be kept out of sight and out of reach so you will not be at risk of electrocution. The start key should have a clipping system so you will be able to attach it to your body so the treadmill will turn off in case you fall.

Performance and convenience

Treadmills must be easy to use, effective, and packed with many features that increase their performance. The more features it has, the more comfortable and efficient it will turn out to be.
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    • The running belt is very important and it must fit your weight and height otherwise, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your treadmill. You must feel comfortable between the treadmill’s arms and the belt should be long enough to allow you to make a step. If you want to run, you will need a belt of at least 60” while 50” are enough for walking.
    • A good treadmill has a display that shows your heart rate, the distance and the time you have been running for, as well as the selections available.
    • Choose a model with adjustable speeds to adapt it to your running needs and possibilities. Running at different speeds will make sure that you increase your endurance and that you will experiment various workout styles.

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  • Although not mandatory, you can opt for a folding treadmill that will allow you to save space while using and storing it.
  • An inclining deck increases the effort during running so it will increase its performance in training your body. Choose a treadmill with various inclining angles that will adapt to your preferences.
    Shock absorption systems limit the pressure on your legs and joints, so you must put that on your must-have list.