How to Shop for the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Robot vacuums have been designed to revolutionize the way we clean our homes through the most innovative technologies that enable them to be self-dependent. These great cleaning devices can make house cleaning a breeze if you know how to choose the best one that suits your house. Our shopping tips will teach you how to shop for the best robot vacuum cleaner, so make yourself comfortable and keep reading.
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Consider the size of your house

Robot vacuums work on a battery that lasts for a certain amount of time and this time should be enough to clean your entire house if you don’t want to worry about it finishing the job. If you can’t find a model that will last so much, look for one that goes to the charging station by itself when it runs out of battery so it will recharge and continue vacuuming from the point where it stopped. iRobot Roomba, for example, has a self-charging feature that enables it to return to the charging base whenever it runs out of battery. You can see how that works here if you are thinking about getting a unit with this feature so your robot vacuum will always be ready to use.

Do you need it for hard floors or carpets?

This aspect is very important because, as in regular vacuum cleaners, not all yield the same on hard floors and carpets. Depending on the size and strength of the brushes, some robot vacuums offer a better cleaning performance of hard floors such as wood, tiles or linoleum than they offer on carpets. Therefore, pay attention to this detail and choose the model that best suits your home.
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Does your house have stairs?

While most robot vacuums work perfectly well on straight surfaces, others are also effective on stairs without needing your help. This is something you might want to take into account if your house has stairs that need to be cleaned. Some smart sensors located in the device enable it to detect changes of ground so it will know when it approaches stairs so it won’t fall off. Similar sensors also prevent the unit from getting stuck in obstacles or running into walls and furniture.

Can it go from one room to another?

In case you don’t want the robot vacuum to wander around the house and get in rooms where it’s not allowed, look for virtual walls that will keep it away. These walls are actually small units that you place near a door and when the robot vacuum encounters the virtual wall, it will know that it can’t go further than that. Talk about smart!
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Check for a programmable timer

A robot vacuum that you can set to work at a time in the future is the maximum convenience if you have a busy schedule. Look for one that allows you to choose when to have it cleaning your house and you can forget about starting or turning it off.