How to Find a Dehumidifier Suitable for Your Home

Everybody knows that it is necessary to maintain a proper humidity level in your house. Moreover, a dehumidifier will help you remove moisture problems which will cause you very serious health issues. If you need to buy a dehumidifier, but you don’t know which one is suitable for you, you should know there are two main types with different characteristics. In what follows, we will teach you how to choose between the two types of dehumidifiers, and what features can make the difference between a good and a bad dehumidifier.

How to Find a Dehumidifier Suitable for Your Home2

The type of dehumidifier

The compressor dehumidifier is one of the most popular type of dehumidifier. The specialists said that a refrigerant dehumidifier will work better at higher humidity levels and at a higher temperature. This dehumidifier draws in the air over a filter and passes it over cold coils to extract the moisture. The desiccant dehumidifier works better in colder temperatures such as a typical garage or conservatory. This dehumidifier uses an absorbent material which extracts water from the air. This material is heated, so the moisture drips into the water condenser.

The size of the dehumidifier

Usually, the dehumidifier capacities range from 0,5 liters to 20 liters. Its size depends on the space where you want to install it. For example, if you want to place the dehumidifier in a small room, you can choose a small capacity unit. On the other hand, if you want to dry out your whole home, you should choose a larger model. If you study this Frigidaire 70 pint dehumidifier review,you will see that this particular dehumidifier is suitable for big spaces of up to 1400 square feet and it can remove up to 70 pint of moisture per day. However, its tank has a 16.3 pint capacity which means that in highly humid environments, it needs to be emptied several times per day. Luckily The Frigidaire 70 pint dehumidifier can be adapted to a hose that you can connect to a drainage, so it can run continuously without needing you to empty its tank. Not all high capacity dehumidifiers have this option so keep this in mind as this is an important aspect to consider if you need a high capacity dehumidifier.

Other important dehumidifier features

If you are thinking about buying a dehumidifier in your house make sure it has a continuous drain facility. This feature will help you to connect a hose and collect the water if you don’t want to empty the tank regularly. Furthermore, keep in mind to buy a dehumidifier with a frost watch. This will prevent water from freezing the coils when pulled from the air. Moreover, a dehumidifier should have a humidistat which monitors the moisture in the air and maintains humidity at the selected level.

This feature can turn itself on and off to achieve your desired humidity level. Try to buy a dehumidifier which has an integrated cord storage. This will help you eliminate the risk of tripping over a rogue cable. It’s important to choose a system with a timer which will help you program the dehumidifier after a specified amount of time. It’s recommended to buy one with wheels because they are very practical. You can move it wherever you want without having to lift it.