Gadgets that Help You Become a Better Golf Player

Recently, golf has become one of the most popular games, and it has even been included in the 2016 Summer Olympics Games. Nowadays, this sport is more accessible for amateurs all around the world, therefore, to help improve their game, the companies developed all sorts of interesting devices. Although one may say that golf is a sport played only with a stick that hits a ball, you may be surprised to learn that the golfers are one of the luckiest players when it comes to gadgets. Therefore, for those who love this sport and want to become better players, we’ll present you some interesting gadgets.

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Golf swing analyzer

This system is designed for both iOS and Android mobile devices and is a Bluetooth sensor that can be attached to any golf glove. All you have to do is swing away and the analyzer will render instant 3D feedback on your device. It helps you evaluate your positioning over the ball, your overswing as well as the club and hand path from different angles. This device works from about 10 meters away and it has a rechargeable 5-hours battery. The golf swing analyzer is a revolutionary gadget that will definitely help you achieve your goals faster than you imagine.

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Another gadget that you have to get in order to improve your game is the rangefinder. It gives accurate measurements up to about 500 yards and it measures the distance to a specific target. By knowing the distance to an object on the course, the golfer will be able to choose the appropriate club for the shot. The rangefinders are usually waterproof gadgets that are easy to carry in your bag and have a user-friendly design. Moreover, this kind of device, that only measures the distance, is the only one permitted in a golf competition.

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GPS golf watch

This gadget was designed to help you localize your position and to provide precise distances to the front, back, and middle of the green. The watch can also show you distances to doglegs and layups and has a database for up to 30,000 courses. Moreover, the device has additional features such as activity tracking and is compatible with smartphones.

Gadgets that Help You Become a Better Golf Player Picture

Smart golf club

The smart golf club is an innovative club that has sensors which connect directly to the smart devices. The club offers realistic training and it can easily be used indoors. You don’t have to worry about the fact that it may not feel like a real club because its design and weight are made respecting the specifications of all the other clubs. Among the features this device has, we can mention that it analyzes the trajectory of the ball, the user’s swing and it also determines the speed and distance of the ball. Therefore, all you have to do is keep practicing your swing.