Features that Matter when Buying a Fitness Tracker

In case you’ve decided to buy a fitness tracker, you have to know that without a prior research, it may be hard for you to choose the one that suits you best. When it comes to fitness trackers, there are so many options available on the market, that it may be a little confusing to you. This article is meant to guide you in making the right choice and buying a fitness tracker that will improve your health condition and your lifestyle.

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Before you buy a fitness tracker, you should first consider your daily activities and then set your goals. Usually, these gadgets are motivational to people as they track the activity and show if there’s been made any progress. Therefore, according to your everyday schedule, you can choose a common device, with basic features, if you’re just looking to move more, or you can pick a more advanced tracker in case you do regular activities. Also, in case you like to do some particular activities, you should first check if the tracker recognizes it and if it’s able to analyze your movements.


Another thing to consider when buying a fitness tracker is the price. To better help you choose the best tracker, we’ve divided the prices into three categories: low, middle and high prices. Among those that fit in the low price range, which is less than $75, we can find gadgets that don’t have a screen to view the stats and they usually have to be accessed from a smartphone application. The next price range, between $76 and $130, includes trackers that have a screen, a snooze time, some smartwatch features and a more stylish design. The fitness trackers with a high price range, starting with $131, may also include a heart rate monitor, smartwatch features and some of them a GPS.

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Most fitness trackers are bands that wrap around the wrist or clips that can be attached to the clothing. There are also models that can be worn around the neck or in pockets. It depends on how it’s more comfortable for you. When talking about the display, there are models that have screens, touch screens or a simple LED display and they allow you to switch between modes by swiping or by tapping.

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Water resistance

If you want to swim or to shower wearing the fitness tracker, then you should consider buying a device that is waterproof. Most of them are at least splash proof, so in case they get in contact with a small quantity of water, they won’t be affected .

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The main features of the fitness trackers are that they track the steps, the calories, and the sleep. Therefore, they monitor the movements you make during the day, show you how many calories you burn when performing all sorts of activities and tell you how well you’re sleeping. All of these are somehow standard features for all the trackers. Among the additional features, we can find those that records workouts, swimming session, and other exercises by telling your tracker what you are doing. Other trackers have an altimeter or an accelerometer. Moreover, they can track the heart rate and have a GPS monitor. The heart rate is monitored based on the optical sensors and although it may not be as accurate as the standard devices it’s very useful. Also, the GPS, besides the fact that it tells you the location, it can also inform you about the places you’ve been during your performed activities.