Best Rated Pool Cleaners Under $700

Nevertheless, using a pool cleaner to ensure pool maintenance is the most effective and comfortable method you could choose. The top rated models are packed with the latest technologies designed to locate and remove dirt from the surface of the pool so you will enjoy a clean and safe home swimming pool. However, the prices of these devices can reach four numbers which is not something you would want to spend, so we have selected the top rated pool cleaners that cost less than $700.
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Aquabot Junior In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

For $482, you can have this device that can keep your in-ground pool clean at a filtration rate of 4,500 gallons per hour. It can handle anything from small algae particles to large leaves and twigs and the reusable cartridge can be easily emptied and put back on. Due to the adherent tracks, it can easily clean floors and walls in around 3 hours and at the end, your pool will be free of impurities.
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SmartPool 7i Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is another great in-ground pool device that can brush off films and particles from the pool’s walls and floor. The price tag of $499 makes it an affordable model that does a great job in removing even the smallest particles from the water. Simply toss it in the pool and it will clean it for 3 hours before shutting off to save energy. It’s a lightweight and effective unit that can work on any pool surface, be it vinyl, concrete or fiberglass.
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Hayward RC9740 SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner

This model is available for $593 if you want it without a storage caddy or for $646 if you choose the caddy as well. Although it’s very compact, it has a great suction power and hard brushes that remove even the most stubborn dirt without a problem. Still, it protects the pool’s surface from scratches. The microprocessor-based technology enables it to walk along the pool floor in order to collect all the debris from the water.
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Aquabot i2 Robotic Pool Cleaner

We conclude with this $612 pool cleaner that offers a great performance in cleaning the pool floor and it also climbs walls to remove dirt and algae. It works on both in-ground and above ground pools and features an advanced microfiltration bag that can retain even the smallest dirt particles. All you have to do it put it in the pool, select the pool size and leave it scan and clean your entire pool.

As you can see these pool cleaners are quite efficient, without being overly priced. However, we must warn you that they only perform a basic pool cleaning. For a more thorough cleaning, we advise you to invest in a higher quality robotic pool cleaner. Head over to, compare the best choices and choose whatever suits your needs more. You don’t need to invest in the most expensive pool cleaner, nor do you need to settle for the cheapest one. There are many in-between cleaners that are worth buying.