Best Products for an Allergen Free Home

Usually, people with allergies should have a real plan against allergens. It’ s recommended to do some research to see how you can reduce indoor allergens. In this article, we have gathered the best products for an allergen free home which can help alleviate your allergy symptoms.

The air purifier

Most people buy this device to remove impurities from the air in a room. This is a perfect tool against allergens such as dust, mold spores, dust mite and even pollen. These types of particles lead to diseases like asthma and allergies, which is why it is very important to eliminate them from the air inside a home. Dust is one of the most stubborn allergens in your house but, without a doubt, a top rated dust air purifier will be able to remove dust mites that threaten your health and are responsible for the majority of allergies people suffer from. If you are thinking about buying an air purifier, try to choose those models which have specific types of filters. Plenty of people choose the air purifiers with antibacterial or germicidal filters. This technology involves the use of UV rays and it’s the only way to eliminate a huge percentage of bacteria and germs from the air. If you don’t know what type of filters you should choose, you can try HEPA filters which are treated with some specialized agents that kill germs and other microorganisms.
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The mattress

You should know the most common cause of allergies is dust mite feces, so you need a mattress that has been tested for allergies or one which will minimize allergens and reduce your exposure to dust mites. It’s very important to vacuum the mattress frequently and to wrap it in plastic covers to create a barrier to irritants. One of the best options regarding mattresses is the one with memory foam which has a solid core. The mattresses with memory foam have no metal or plastic surfaces for irritants to attach. It’s recommended to wash its protective covers in hot water. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget about your memory foam pillows which should be safe to use because, after all,  the pillow stays very close to your nose and mouth.
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The bamboo pillow

Plenty of people with sleeping troubles choose the bamboo pillows because these are anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and they keep you cool all night long.
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The bamboo pillows have the interior filled with memory foam and the exterior is made from natural bamboo fibers. Their purpose is to contour your body shape, keep you cool and avoid neck pains. Moreover, when you are buying such a pillow, it is good to know that it is anti-static, germ-resistant and odor-resistant.